Man eating plant!

The giant carnivorous plant, Nepthenes McClurii, large enough to consume an adult human being within its corrosive pitchers. This mysterious plant is thought to use pheromones to lure it’s prey close enough, then entangle them within it’s prehensile tendrils and transfer them to its pools of digestive juices!
Sculpted by George Fairlamb, it will be off to the mould makers next week, along with some optional lids for the top of the pitchers. Suitable for lost world jungles, deathworlds and laboratory experiments gone awry!

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3 thoughts on “Man eating plant!

  1. Hi guys,

    I really enjoy your sculptures- done in the style of Waterhouse Hawkins originals at the Crystal Palace Park.

    I’m wondering if you have plans to do any of his aquatic reptiles, ie.Ichthyosaurus. Plesiosaurus or the Teleosaurs (long-snouted marine crocodiles). I think sculptures of these animals, done in a style similar to Hawkins originals, would be FANTASTIC!!


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