Dungeon Explorers!

A teaser of our forthcoming Dungeon Explorers for our fantasy range, along with the “gnome Illusionist” and some fearsome orcs, they will be launched on Kick Starter on the 1st of April at 7pm. Sculpted by Ian Mountain.


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11 thoughts on “Dungeon Explorers!

  1. The gnome illusionist looked familiar and then I had a closer look at the dungeon explorers and realised they also looked familiar. Will this range also include a winged demon with one horn?


    • When will the whole set be on sale and how much will it cost and will you be doing goblins hobgoblin bugbear goals kobolds and other charscters


      • Hi Robert, we hope to have them all up for sale in the next couple of months. We may well do some of those races in the future, I like the idea of kobolds!


  2. I second, third, and fourth for more characters in this “Range.” Warduke….HELL YEAH Kelek? Absolutely Strongheart? Of course, Shadow Demon? A Must Have! I love it, they WILL BE AWESOME if they are anything near the quality of the “Dungeon Explorers”


  3. Hey there, how are the adult “dungeon adventurers” coming along? I need that “gnome illusionist” in my life πŸ˜€ ASAP. I would love to see you do a Kelek and a Lukeon the gnome spellbinder too myself. Do you have a date in mind when these miniatures will be on sale at all? Please say soon. Are they 28mm scale, or 25mm. Cheers dudes πŸ™‚


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