Last week of the Sci-Fi Bounty Hunter kickstarter.

This is the last week for our Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters KickStarter, we’ve unlocked Biatch the Bail Bondswoman, and The Hauler, hopefully we can manage another couple of unlocks before the end!

We’ve also added another stretch goal, a handcuffed captive criminal, this dodgy character has been captured and cuffed by one of the Bounty Hunters. Andrew May will be sculpting him, we can’t wait to see what he does. This captive will be UNLOCKED at £4500 and available as an Add-on for £5.

Many thanks to everyone who has backed the campaign so far, and to everyone who’s been sharing links to this kickstarter, it really does help, so keep it going and lets see how many figures we can unlock in this final week of our short campaign.
Don’t miss out on these dubious characters from an unpleasant future in a galaxy not so far away!…/1565070…/sci-fi-bounty-hunters

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