Latest Updates from Antediluvian Miniatures


Here is a tantalising glimpse of our second Mictlan Jaguar Warrior, fresh from the sculpting desk of Paul Muller! We’re looking forward to getting the third warrior finished, then we’ll be expanding the range with eagle warriors, shorn ones and much more!

The last of our intrepid adventurers (for now) have been sent on an intrepid adventure to the mould makers. We are excited to see the castings completed.
On the subject of real female conquistadors, Maria Estrada is a very interesting character to read about!ía_Estrada

Our Assimilator alien beastie has been painted up by Andrew.
Use extreme caution! can imitate all carbon based lifeforms, incineration recommended!
Another fully painted figure fresh from Andrew’s desk is our Laelaps, captured here in glorious technicolor!
Inspired by the fantastic painting by Charles R Knight and sculpted by Andrew May, this scaly brute is ideal for springing nasty surprises on hapless fantasy or lost world adventurers!
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