Conquistadors of Mictlan

Conquerors of Mictlan

Last year we launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a new range of 28mm Fantasy Conquistador miniatures and their adversaries, which would be suitable for Wargaming and RPGs. These brave (or foolhardy) individuals are on an ambitious quest to discover the mythical land of Mictlan with it’s untold treasures and a fabled key to the secrets of life and Death. The expedition may get some important lessons on the arcane mysteries sooner than they think. The denizens of this strange new world present some horrifying challenges. The terrifying Lich’s are masters of the unfortunate souls who perished on previous doomed expeditions.
The sculpting was by Paul Hicks. Phil Hynes, Martin Buck, Dave Cauley, and Paul Muller.

The kickstarter was a great success and we were able to expand the range from the original Conquistadors and conquistador style zombies, to having some native Mictlan Zombies and undead skeletal elite Jaguar Warriors as well as some fun extras that you might encounter in the lands of Mictlan.
We are delighted to be able to sell this range through this site now. You can view and buy the miniatures HERE.
we will also be expanding the range and adding more figures.

The miniatures are cast in metal and come with integral bases. The figures below are painted in house by Andrew Taylor for illustration purposes.

Set 1 of the Conquistadors by Paul Hicks

set 2 of the conquistadors by Paul Hicks

set 3 of the conquistadors by Paul Hicks, Dogs by Phil Hynes.

Rodrigez and Maria by Paul Hicks.

the horrifying Mictlan Lich’s, with some treasure. Sculpted by Paul Muller

set 1 of the Conquistador Zombies, sculpted by Paul Muller.

set 2 of the Conquistador Zombies, sculpted by Paul Muller.

The Mictlan Jaguar Warriors, sculpted by Paul Muller.

warning signs, sculpted by Martin Buck.

Gorgonopsids sculpted by Dave Cauley.

a lovely Mictlan Mermaid sculpted by Martin Buck

disgusting Ticks sculpted by Dave Cauley

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