Conquerors of Mictlan, Kickstarter launched Friday!

We are launching a new campaign to produce a new range of 28mm Fantasy Conquistador miniatures and their adversaries, suitable for Wargaming and RPGs. These brave or foolhardy individuals are on an ambitious quest to discover the mythical land of Mictlan with it’s untold treasures and fabled key to the secrets of life and Death. The expedition may get some important lessons on the arcane mysteries sooner than they think! The denizens of this strange new world may present some horrifying challenges and A terrifying Lich is master of the unfortunate souls who perished on previous doomed expeditions.

We will have a range of pledges to suit all budgets, with add ons and un-locks. The campaign will run for 30 days.
the kickstarter is here ! 

Last week of the Sci-Fi Bounty Hunter kickstarter.

This is the last week for our Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters KickStarter, we’ve unlocked Biatch the Bail Bondswoman, and The Hauler, hopefully we can manage another couple of unlocks before the end!

We’ve also added another stretch goal, a handcuffed captive criminal, this dodgy character has been captured and cuffed by one of the Bounty Hunters. Andrew May will be sculpting him, we can’t wait to see what he does. This captive will be UNLOCKED at £4500 and available as an Add-on for £5.

Many thanks to everyone who has backed the campaign so far, and to everyone who’s been sharing links to this kickstarter, it really does help, so keep it going and lets see how many figures we can unlock in this final week of our short campaign.
Don’t miss out on these dubious characters from an unpleasant future in a galaxy not so far away!…/1565070…/sci-fi-bounty-hunters

Science-Fiction Bounty Hunters kickstarter!

We are launching a 15 day campaign to produce a new range of 28mm Science Fiction miniatures representing assorted Bounty Hunters, Rogues, and mercenaries, suitable for Wargaming and RPGs.

Most of the sculpting has already been done, by Shane Hoyle and Andrew May.

We think these will be great addition for sci-fi wargames. They will be cast in metal and come with plastic bases.

If the campaign goes well we have some extra characters and freebies to unlock and add-on. More details of the pledges and locked figures are below.

Postage UK £3
Postage rest of the world £5

We aim for delivery by Mid October 2018 at the latest.

**UPDATE** now available HERE


Pledge £20 or more



Pledge £20 or more



Pledge £35 or more


Biatch The Bail Bondswoman

UNLOCK at £1000


The Hauler

UNLOCK at £2500


The Assimilator

UNLOCK at £3500 available as an Add-on for £5.



The kickstarter link is ;

Latest previews. April 2018

Some more previews of our forthcoming fantasy explorers, including our wizard Leonardo’s enigmatic female companion, a dwarf marksman,and halfling thief with stolen idol! Sculpted by Paul Hicks. Also coming this way, another primitive lizard-man sculpted by Micah Nichols! We’re hoping to get this range under way very soon!

we think these would be ideal for dragons conquer america and ghost archipelago as well as dungeons and dragons etc.

WE’re also looking forward to catching up with people at Salute wargaming show in London this weekend. see you there we hope !



painting tutorial featuring one of our Pirate figures

We thought we’d share this cracking video by Ben from Watch It Paint It it features one of our Pirates from the fantasy range, painted here as Andre the Giant.  We hope it inspires you all !

Princess, Prince and Entourage available.

Princess, Prince & Entourage available.

Those of you who enjoyed our ‘Pirates’ set of four figures will love these new characters that we’ve added to the fantasy shop. They would go nicely with the swashbuckling Pirates for adventures and enacting out daring tales of true love and revenge.

They have been sculpted by Matthew Bickley, and are available as a set of four for £16, 28mm scale, metal cast, supplied with plastic bases.


Compromised Explorer’
This unfortunate chap has got into a spot of hot water with the locals, he is now available from our Lost World shop, for £5. He has been sculpted by Martin Buck, and looks like he is maintaining his stiff upper lip in the face of adversity, that’s what comes of being a well seasoned explorer. 

Preview of New Sculpts, Mermaid and Lizard-man


No man can resist her fishy charms! This beautiful siren of the seas will be another part of our forthcoming fantasy explorers range, luring many a hapless sailor to their doom! Based on one of many mermaid taxidermy hoaxes, this one from the London Science Museum. Sculpted by Martin Buck.


Also a preview from our forthcoming fantasy explorers project, this time a lizard-man sculpted by the talented Micah Nichols. We particularly like his shield! More variants to come.