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  3. A bit surprised at the Baphomet figure. This is currently associated with the of Satanism in the US and UK. The main problem is that the image of the devil is solely the invention of Levi, it has no medieval origin. ‘Baphomet’ is actually a mistranscription of ‘Mahomet’ or ‘Muhammad’, and is found in a letter by one of the Frankish Lords of the First Crusade, sent to his wife from Antioch in 1098. In the letter he relates how, in the battle they had just won,the Turks had called out to their God, ‘Baphomet’. The Templars were later accused of worshipping ‘the Baphomet’ as part of the allegations brought against them in 1307. Baphomet was simply how a French crusader had heard the name of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, being called out by the enemy in the heat of battle. Levi took the mention of Baphomet and invented the image. The pentagram is a Jewish kabbalistic symbol, reflecting Levi’s own Jewish origins and his interest in the Kabbala. I thought you might be interested in this.


    • thanks for that, the origins of these archetypal figures is fascinating. We’re being a bit flexible with our categories for the ranges we’re producing ! 🙂


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