Antediluvian Miniatures is a small company producing 28mm scale miniatures inspired by retro science fiction, fantasy and niche genres. It is the brainchild of Figure Painter Andrew Taylor, who wanted to produce a range of high quality unique figures from his favorite genres. The core values of Antediluvian Miniatures are; Make people happy by making cool Toys. Andrew is the brains of the operation, with the insights into gaming, lost worlds and a head brimming with ideas for more miniatures, he is assisted by Potter & Artist Vicky Stonebridge who handles the boring grown up stuff like admin. Their trusty collie dog, ‘Lobo’ has the role of quality control, security and company moral. The team is based in the North West Scottish highlands, where the cold, wet climate is offset by inspiring scenery, a loch view and a friendly local village post office who handles shipping of hordes of dinosaurs and demons with great efficiency.

So what do we do? Andrew comes up with the concepts and ideas, then commission’s brilliant sculptors such as John Dennet, Matthew Bickley, Shane Hoyle, Iain Mountain, Paul Hicks, Andrew May and others. We then get these put into moulds by third party companies, then cast up and sent to us so we can surround ourselves with all the lovely metal and resin before sharing the love through our web sales. You can sometimes find Antediluvian Miniatures at shows, kindly stocked by Crooked Dice, and Studio Miniatures.

Andrew and a megalosaurus at Crystal Palace Park

A T Painting


Home of Antediluvian Miniatures


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