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    • Sure thing, many thanks, I hope you enjoy the Megalosaurus, we’d love to see a photo of what you do with it & could add it to our gallery page ! Many thanks


    • We have a Victorian style labyrinthodon being sculpted at the moment, there will be a few different variants of these with different leg and head poses, and a waterline version as well! Also another big dinosaur, this time not one based on the Crystal Palace sculptures, who you may recognise! There are also some Atlantean guard variants being worked on.


  1. Perhaps one of the primeval beasts from the land that time forgot, or even one of the beasties from the earths core,or one of the….. Well I could go on but I could do a few of those myself. I look forward to my next stipend, which will enable this gentleman to purchase one of your rather delightful Iguanadons. Either way I most definitely look forward to it.


  2. Hi chaps
    I’m thinking of buying some of your very nice dinosaurs but being a cheapskate, I’m looking to save on the P&P. Are you going to SELWG at Crystal Palace this year?
    Also, will your labyrinthodont be available by then?


    • Sadly we won’t be at SELWG this year, although we will try and make it down sometime for a future show! We’ll hopefully have the labyrinthodonts in a few weeks time!


  3. Hi chaps I don’t know if your interested but I painted up you two current Dino’s a while back, there are pictures on my blog at…

    If the pictures are of any use to you please let me know and I’ll E-mail them to you or feel free to take them from the blog, thanks for producing these excellent miniatures, keep up the good work, Cheers Roger.


  4. Hi I ordered the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, two Rhamphorhynchus and the three adventurers on Sunday. They are already in my clutches. They look great already but will soon be off to Finland to be made up and painted. Thank you for the little stowaway Labyrinthodont too. I will link you to the pictures once completed.

    Any updates on the Hylaeosaurus?


    • Hi Steve, glad you like them, really looking forward to seeing them painted up! The Hylaeosaurus is in the hands of the moldmakers just now, he’s a very busy man but we hope to have them back in a few weeks time.


  5. Just ordered your latest offering, a marvelous, totally up to date rendering of an Ankylosaur. It has to be said, your cutting edge visions of these antediluvian monsters are a tad far-fetched for a conservative fellows taste, but they do indeed entertain a chap. I can’t wait for the postal service to deliver it.


  6. Hi guys when will we see more the one horn wizard and shadow demon and war duke the evil human fighter and kelek the evil wizard


    • Hi Robert, our sculptor is working on more orcs just now, the horned wizard (this one will have two horns!), will hopefully be done soon after and we’ll have some pictures in a few weeks! No plans for war duke, but there is a plastic version that for the D&D minis game that sometimes turns up on ebay if you’re looking for one! 🙂


    • Hi Andy, not yet but we do recommend Pulp Alley rules and their lost world supplement “Perilous Island”. We’ll be making up some stats for In Her Majesty’s Name at some point as well.


  7. Hi guys, I ordered a set of Dungeon adventurers back on Aug 15, just wondering when they might arrive? Just ordered some more stuff and another set of them too so I kind of want to know what the timing is, if it’s surface mail or w/e.


  8. Hi there, That is disappointing that you haven’t received them yet. according to official websites it should be 1 – 2 weeks from Uk to Aus, but we’ve had experience of things taking up to 5 weeks. I’ll email you shortly. just processing your order just now.


  9. Hiya. I’m getting an “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” when i try your contact email.
    I have a question about the rocket kitty.


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