Hairy Hominids!

We have acquired these hairy hominids from Stephen May, Stephen had sculpted them out of his own interest in the subject some time ago, and we thought they’d make a great addition to our range! Stephen’s description of them;
First is Paranthropus Boisei, or “nutcracker man”. Not many remains have been found, but we know that like gorillas that the species was very sexualy dimorphic. They walked upright, but did not have opposable thumbs. Although not a direct ancestor, they were very closely related to us.
Next is Homo Habilis (handy man). They are a direct ancestor of modern man and were the first to use have opposable thumbs and use tools. They walked upright, but lacked buttocks (which enable running) and would have had a different gait to us. I’ve made him quite hairy as the reduction of body hair is linked to the ability to run.paranthropusboiseiHomoHabalis2006-02-17 14.55.42

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