Laelaps and Nessie now available to buy

We are delighted to announce that the leaping Laelaps figure sculpted by Andrew May and the Classic Nessie by John Dennett have now been cast in resin and are available to purchase through our Lost World shop page

this Laelaps  (or Dryptosaurus ) is inspired by the Charles R Knight painting of 1897. It is 90mm long and 70mm tall & comes ready to assemble and paint. Andrew Taylor will paint up one for illustration purposes asap. These are in the shop at £25.

This lovely Nessie has been inspired by the classic Loch Ness monster- who resides not far from the ‘Antediluvian Miniatures ‘ HQ. John Dennett has done a beautiful job of this 100mm long & 80mm tall sculpture. It is available for £25. Lost World shop page
update 17/10/18:
here’s Andrew’s painted version

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